One. Simple. System
Once you try it, you'll ask yourself - why haven't I used this solution sooner?

GiHCS® - The Optical Cable and Connection Solution for Industrial Networks

Easily install LC, ST, SC connections onto high-strength 62.5 µm GiHCS optical fiber integrated into Industrial Cable constructions.


Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Controls

Factory Automation


Plant Engineering (IoT)

Advantages and Benefits

RUGGED - Install connectors directly onto application-specific, heavy-duty industrial cable. High-strength GiHCS Fiber is more robust than traditional fibers.

FAST - No epoxy, no polish - installs in minutes. On site.

EASY - Anyone can be and expert - minimal fiber optic experience is requires. Training in less than 10 minutes.

RELIABLE - Repeatable results with exceptional (up to 20 lbs.) connector retention.

COMPATIBLE - Easily integrates into new or existing networks.

SUPPORTED - Support available by phone or by in-person training.

ECONOMICAL - Time is Money. No need to schedule outside installers.  Connectorize in less time.


Crimp and Cleave

Is it really that simple?  Yes!

  • OFS offers a rugged and user-friendly system of fiber optic cable, connectors and termination tooling that enables a technician or maintenance person to produce multimode fiber optic patch cords in minutes. 

  • The optical connector - in a manner similar to conventional copper -  is crimped directly onto the high-strength glass optical fiber, allowing up to 20lbs. of retention, and the diamond cleave tool provides a repeatable low-loss finished optical end-face without the need for polishing.

  • GiHCS offers simplicity, strength and secure data transmission. Protect your capital equipment by ensuring minimal data transmission downtime. 

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